Highered – Laser-sharp targeting of talent in the top 5% accredited schools globally.

Yes, EFMDs Global Career Service is a real game changer…



Highered - EFMD Global Career Services, Student analytics dashboard

Full Traffic Insights and Engagement Metrics to give you full ROI Control.

Full access to the Student Analytics platform, giving corporate recruiters and employer branding specialists relevant digital marketing ROI metrics.

Build your brand and recruit top students globally through one portal.

Simplify your global positions posting through our integrated API features.  We support most major applicant-tracking systems (ATS), and we ensure continuous publishing of top positions through all our school portals.

Our Students love this portal!

Students admitted to the schools in the EMFD network are among the most employable. They already reached their first goal: belong to one of the top schools internationally. It is well known that the EFMD School members have the highest admission requirements.


“As an International student, I believe this project will be extremely successful!” – Emma Rebeca Pinto Guzman –  BI Norwegian Business School

Our corporate members

As soon as students start their first year of their higher education they look for potential internships. Through the Highered portal you will have unique access to the student body of 483 top management and business schools around the world, in every level, during their entire education cycle!

“With the high quality of the network combined with very strong reach and analytics insights we are able to do
reduce costs and increase application quality and employer branding reach at the same time.” Campus Talent Acquisition Manager, PepsiCo

Unparalleled corporate relations

Yes, we actually made it possible: reach students from the top 5% leading management and business schools around the world – through one single point of contact.

“I am very impressed by the interface and the quality. In brief, this is a wonderful value add for our students and I am thrilled to have it to share with them!“  Wendy D’Ambrose, Director Career Advising, Bentley University