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About Us

Highered is EFMDs Global Career Services.

This digital platform that supports and compliments the campus based career services at all our school members.
This is the absolutely most time and cost effective way, to reach top talent and find top placements on the market today.

  • By combining the strength of the EFMD network of schools globally, we are giving an unparalleled international placement offering for all.
  • The top school’s own platform, Highered, is resource and cost efficient, millennial friendly and rigged for the future of global placement.

Our Highered platform connects students, schools and corporates in the network on a global level.

Learn how to become a part of the only global network that connects corporations, students and school.

Address: Madserud Alle 34, 0274 Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 22 44 47 47

Emails: [email protected]