International Student Perspective


Nicole is a Spanish international exchange student at BI Norwegian Business School from Universidad de Navarra. Nicole shares her story and thoughts on why she chose to study abroad.  Where do you look for jobs?  “Well, beforehand I would search in Spain because that is where I have my friends and network, and I study there. However, now that I am in Oslo, I have met so many people from so many different countries and places that I literally have never heard before, and now I ask myself why would I not study or work or search for opportunities anywhere in the world? At the end, nowadays it is not that complicated and I think it would be more enriching. ”



International Exchange student at BI Norwegian Business School from Emlyon shares his perspective. “I needed to try new things, get outside from my comfort zone. Firms are looking for candidates with diverse backgrounds and different experiences.” He built his career path tailored to his needs with just one click.



International Exchange student at BI Norwegian Business School from Hong Kong Baptist University shares his perspective. Highered is a platform that shows me how many multinational companies are so willing to hire international students.  This allows students like me to work overseas, most importantly helps me to achieve my life plans. Highered gives me a global mindset.

Thank you so much for your email. Just want to say thanks for creating this platform. This is what I am looking for! So many exciting careers globally!

Student, University of Melbourne, Faculty of Business and Economics

Here are the specific positives:

1. Simple interface makes it easy to use
2. Descriptions of the company’s/positions/news are highly informative and helpful
3. The font-size is big and clear; and the tabs are clearly separated into positions, companies, and news.

Student, Nanyang Business School

If it was not MSB, I would have never had this amazing opportunity to do my six-month internship in Amsterdam within the Technical Accounting & Oversight department. It will offer me a head start for my career and I will remain forever grateful to what MSB made out of me. A student whose academic profile meets the international standards of hiring


Student, South Mediterranean University